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Oils & Fats International (OFI) specialises in the global edible oils and fats industry, with a flagship magazine, and conferences and exhibitions around the world.

Latest Issue: OFI June 2018

Our June 2018 issue looks at how a rapidly growing population is fuelling African demand for vegetable oils, with an import boom expected in the next few years, and where these additional imports will come from.

On the subject of bleaching earths, we examine how different oil types and their quality can affect the level of potentially carcinogenic MCPD and GE compounds in edible oils and the role that heat- and acid-activated bleaching earths can play in tackling these. Another feature reports on how palm oil producers can minimise the presence of chloride and partial glycerides, which lead to MCPD and GE formation. A round-up looks at the products and solutions which different bleaching earth producers are offering to the…

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Companies moving away from krill oil due to environmental concerns

about 14 hours ago

Some companies manufacturing and selling nutrient supplements are replacing the omega 3-source krill oil with other alternatives due to pressure from environmental NGOs linked to krill fishing’s effects on Antarctic ecosystems.