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Oils & Fats International (OFI) specialises in the global edible oils and fats industry, with a flagship magazine, and conferences and exhibitions around the world.

Latest Issue: OFI June 2017

Our June 2017 issue focuses on bleaching earths, which are essential for the refining of edible oils but pose a disposal and environmental problem. Two features look at possible uses for spent bleaching earths, including as an animal feed ingredient. We also provide a round-up of some of the latest news and developments related to bleaching earth suppliers.

In a feature on margarines and spreads, we examine the use and evolution of emulsifiers in margarine production.

The issue takes a look at why glass is the preferred packaging medium for high oil/fat content foods and what can be done to deal with the problems associated with tamper evident seals in glass packaging.

And we look at palm oil production in…

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New non-GMO soyabean variety could increase Indian yields by 50%

20 hours ago

Ruchi Hi-Rich Seeds, an Indian joint venture of multiple agri companies operating in the country, has developed a non-GMO soyabean seed variety that could increase yields by 50% when compared to currently used strains.