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Oils & Fats International Backgrounders

This new section features a selection of articles we have published in the past few years. The articles provide useful background information, particularly on feedstocks, and we will be adding to it regularly

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Posted February 01, 2015 from issue dated February Biofuels 2013

High yielding and hardy, those in the ethanol industry are taking note of sweet sorghum’s significance as a potential biofuel. With hybrid varieties further increasing yield, is sorghum ‘an important piece’ in the sustainable energy puzzle?

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Posted February 01, 2015 from issue dated February 2015, Biofuels Issue

The race is on to find a suitable feedstock for aviation biofuel. Industry giants such as Boeing, South African Airways and SkyNRG have teamed up to investigate whether tobacco is a good contender. OFI looks at global research into the crop’s potential to produce biofuel and its various other applications

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