Oils & Fats International Issue
Processing & Technology Online Edition

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Processing & Technology Online Edition

In this issue, you will find features on:

There is a wide range of choices for palm oil operators wishing to move downstream into oleochemical derivatives

Vertical plate conditioning allows oilseed processors to more efficiently use steam and add a waste recovery loop

Health & Nutrition
What can food businesses do to tackle acrylamide levels and what is the role of frying in its formation?

Olive Oil
Many processing factors affect the quality of olive oil including harvesting and transport conditions, crush speed, malaxation time and storage conditions

OFI explains what is involved in the modern rendering process

Bleaching Earths
With the EU looking at legislation to control levels of 3-MCPD esters, bleaching earths play an important role in mitigating this critical process contaminant. Bleaching earths also play an important role in removing metal impurities from edible oils

Deep Frying
There is a clear trend towards natural oil protection solutions to maintain the life of deep frying oil

OFI 2020 annual plant & technology company directory and chart
OFI’s fully updated global selection of plant and equipment suppliers to the oils and fats industry, accompanied by a chart of their activities.

The OFI Online Only Edition is a sample of the breadth and depth of coverage of the oils and fats industry offered in the OFI printed magazine, available eight times a year.

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