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Global agribusiness giant ADM has completed its acquisition of a controlling stake in Brazilian glycerine producer Buckminster Química.

“The [acquisition of] Buckminster Química – which has already been a partner for our Brazilian business – is another way in which we’re broadening our portfolio and expanding our capabilities to meet growing customer needs for sustainably-sourced products spanning food, feed, fuel, industrial and consumer products,” ADM’s director of Oils and Biodiesel in Brazil Luiz Noto said on 5 December.

Founded in 1999, privately-owned Buckminster Química’s produces refined glycerine from soyabeans at its single manufacturing facility in Macatuba, São Paulo.

The company’s glycerine is used in the pharmaceutical industry, the food sector and the kosher market.

In addition to its acquisition of Buckminster Química, ADM also announced that it was expanding its crush capacity at three oilseed processing facilities in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul; Porto Franco, Maranhão; and Uberlandia, Minas Gerais.

The investments were expected to add some 400,000 tonnes/year to ADM’s crush capacity in Brazil, the company said.