Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) said on 5 April that it has begun significantly expanding and modernising its Brazilian export terminal in Santos, São Paulo.

Work on the terminal will expand storage and grain handling capacity from 6M tonnes to 8M tonnes annually. ADM will also enhance environmental controls significantly.

According to Greg Morris, president of ADM’s Oilseeds Processing business, “The Port of Santos is one of two major ADM gateways from Brazil to customers around the world, and with this expansion we are enhancing our ability to move crops from there to Asian, African and European customers”.

As well as improving the terminal’s capacity and efficiency, ADM will install a range of new technologies to help minimise particulate emissions at the facility.

ADM said, in addition, it is continuing the expansion of its jointly owned export terminal in Barcarena. Volume will be increased to 6M tonnes/year.

The original Santos Port concession began in 1997 and an agreement was signed last year to continue operations at the port until 2037.

Work at the facility is due to be completed by mid-2017.