Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) announced on 2 June that it had successfully started up new soyabean crushing capacity at its oilseeds plant in Straubing, Germany and is now looking at further expanding its soya crushing options at other facilities in northwest Europe.

“The future of crushing soyabeans in Europe looks healthy, and we are looking very closely at where we can best expand crush in Europe,” said Jon Turney, general manager, ADM European soybean crush.

“We see scale, due to the marginal cost per tonne, as a key for our continued success as a destination soya crusher in order to ensure we are able to compete with origin crushers importing meal into the region. Adding switch capability to our plants allows us to utilise our assets more towards the protein markets when EU oil markets are under pressure.”

ADM said Straubing’s new capacity allowed the site to crush soyabeans sourced from the Danube region in order to market European non-GMO soya meal and oil to customers in Western Europe.

Josef Vielreicher, chairman of the board at Goldsteig, one of the most popular German producers of mozzarella exporting to all European countries, said: “Sustainability is a priority for our company. It is therefore our task to satisfy our customers’ demand for regional, non-genetically modified dairy products. ADM represents an important vendor to us, who can supply our farmers’ dairy cows with regional, non-genetically modified soybeanmeal and rapemeal from European origin.”