ADM’s animal nutrition division is targeting the aquaculture market with a new algae-derived source of Omega-3 fatty acid for use in aqua feed.

The company said its DHA Natur dried algae biomass comprised 17-20% docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), providing the aquaculture industry with a sustainable alternative to fish oil sourced from commercially-reared and wild-captured fish.

“The market interest for an alternative source of DHA is significant and we are currently scaling up production to meet the increasing demand” said Peter Bergstrom, international business manager for ADM Animal Nutrition.

The algae biomass needed to produce DHA Natur was produced through a controlled fermentation process, allowing heterotrophic algae to be produced more efficiently than phototrophic algae, ADM said.

Bergstrom said DHA Natur was currently approved for use in Australia, Chile and the EU, and ADM was currently working on gaining approvals in Canada and the USA.

The aquaculture market currently spends around US$3bn on Omega-3 ingredients. In May, TerraVia and Bunge also announced that they were launching a DHA speciality feed ingredient based on algae targeting this market (See ‘In Brief’ News, OFI June 2016).