AlgaeCytes, a UK-based firm extracting omega-3 oils from algae, is launching commercial operations at a new production facility in the Discovery Park business estate in Sandwich, Kent.

The company had developed a patented process that extracted ingredients from algae for the health and personal care markets, wrote Kent Online on 6 November.

“The opening of this new facility marks an exciting stage that we believe will unlock the full potential of algae in the nutritional and health care markets,” said AlageCytes CEO Naz Bashir.

“Our aim is not only to produce a more sustainable source of omega-3 oils but to create ingredients that amaze and will be used in beauty products that can improve skin health,” he added.

AlgaeCytes already has laboratories at Discovery Park.

In addition to omega-3 oils, it produced algal protein for sport health and muscle care and ingredients for healthcare purposes, including new antimicrobial, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory applications, the firm said on its website.