India-based botanical extracts producer and manufacturer Arjuna Natural Extracts introduced a new preservative formulation on 15 January to increase the frying life of vegetable oils in food preparation.

The new GMO-free preservative combated oxidation, thermal degradation and hydrolytic rancidity, allowing food manufacturers and services to fry more products in one batch of oil, the company said in a statement.

“Our R&D team developed a natural preservative that can help maintain vegetable oil colour, taste and functionality even in high temperatures and does not negatively affect the fried product,” said Benny Antony, joint managing director at Arjuna.

“It helps food processors fry an increased number of product batches per litre of oil, with delayed total polar compound (TPC) development and decreased time to rancidity. The new preservative formulation helps food manufacturers meet the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI) new standards and keep frying oil consumption economical,” she added.

TPCs were formed as a result of oxidative degradation and hydrolytic rancidity in oil used for frying purposes, which were measured by evaluating the oil’s peroxide value (PV).

The rapid deterioration of oil when fried cause unpleasant flavours and odours and undesirable colour changes in both the oil itself and the food being fried, said Arjuna.

In November 2017, the FSSAI introduced new rules that allowed vegetable oil to be reused in frying and cooking applications up to a TCP content of 25%.