Belgium has updated its definition of cream with a new draft regulation that lowers the minimum fat content of cream, whipped cream and light cream.

The previous regulation had been in place since May 1934 and the new draft aimed to bring rules in line with current standards, Food Navigator reported on 9 October.

Whipped cream and whole cream must contain at least 30% fat.

To define cream as a product, it must contain at least 10% fat that has been separated from milk as a result of “either letting it stand or by centrifugal processing, or that was obtained by a recombination process using a high-intensity mixer to create an emulsion of butterfat in water starting from butterfat and milk,” according to the draft regulation.

The draft gives manufacturers the option to display the fat percentage on their packaging and also authorises them to mix cream or butterfat with milk to create cream or light cream with “a well-defined fat content”.

Dairy processors can also use a “recombination process” to make cream and light cream.

The Belgian government had informed the European Commission of the regulation, Food Navigator said.