Biofuel producer BioD Technology (BioD) has commissioned a biodiesel refinery in Dubai, Yahoo Finance reported on 7 September.

The 30,000 tonnes/year facility in the Jebel-Ali Free Zone followed the company’s first operation in northern India in early 2019, according to the report.

BioD’s biodiesel was based on the “waste to energy” concept, where the feedstock (raw materials) used is 100% non-human consumption residues, such as used cooking oil (UCO), animal tallow (slaughterhouse waste products), palm oil mill effluent waste (POME) and acid oils, such as grease tap collection, Yahoo Finance wrote.

To reduce the carbon footprint in logistics, the company’s aim was to source the raw materials as close to the plant as possible, the report said.

“Hydrocarbon-based conventional diesel consumption is prone to be dramatically reduced in the coming decades, driven by the ambitious carbon emission and sustainability targets globally,” BioD’s founder and CEO Shiva Vig said.

“BioD Technology … will invest into larger capacity, as the current refineries are in full operation.”

According to its website, Dubai-based BioD has a current biodiesel capacity of around 60,000 tonnes/year.