Biofuels accounted for 13% or 14.141 kilo tonnes (ktoes) of the EU’s total bioenergy consumption in 2014, according to the European Biomass Association AEBIOM’s recently released 2016 statistical report.

Of the 14.14 ktoe, 11.3 ktoe was biodiesel and the remaining 2.65 ktoe was ethanol.

The heating sector accounted for the largest proportion of bioenergy consumption (73%), following by bioelectricity (14%).

“The EU remains highly dependent on imported fossil fuels to meet its energy needs,” the AEBIOM said. “In 2014, the average EU-28 energy dependency was 53.4%, a share that has been steadily increasing over the last two decades. Oil represented the highest import dependency (87.4%), followed by natural gas (67.2%) and solid fossil fuels such as coal (45,6%).”

The AEBIOM said the EU ranked among the regions with the highest energy dependency alongside countries such as Japan (94%), South Korea (85%) and Turkey (73%).

“China and the USA, in comparison, are far below Europe with an energy dependency under 20%.”