Edible oils supplier Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) has launched a new product branded Delica Pro Gold, a next-generation plant-based and clean-label liquid margarine for the artisanal and industrial bakery industries.

Delica Pro Gold was a liquid, non-hydrogenated margarine that contained no E-numbers or artificial colours and flavours, said BLC in a 10 September statement.

Bernd Brinkmann, innovation director for the EMEA region at BLC, said the greatest challenge in developing the product was to create a liquid margarine without emulsifiers.

“We overcame this challenge by adapting the formulation with a virgin oil mixture with high emulsifying properties combined with a new production process,” said Brinkmann.

The margarine was low in saturated fatty acids and high in functionality, with a formulation based on a balanced blend of plant oils, including a mix of virgin oils of wheat germ, corn and linseed, according to BLC.

It had a nutritional profile with a 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids and was a natural source of vitamin E, in addition to granting a 20% calorie reduction when used to replace conventional oils and fats.

The virgin oil content added a natural colour to baked products without the need for additives, which could improve consumer perception of the product, said BLC.

According to the firm, consumers saw the golden color as indicative of a less processed and more natural baked good.

Delica Pro Gold could also help increase a product’s volume and have a homogenous structure by improving aeration, resulting in a fluffier and lighter structure in products like pound cakes, muffins and sponge cakes.