Canadian agri supply chain developer Pipeline Foods has launched its global operations, with a goal to build sustainable supply chains for non-GM and organic grains, oilseeds and food/feed ingredients.

The company also intended to provide professional expertise to farmers and food companies through consulting services and was looking for “likeminded partners”, according to World Grains on 6 September.

“Pipeline Foods is eager to invest in supply chain solutions that bring value to the organic and non-GM grain and oilseed industry,” CEO Eric Jackson told the news site.

Pipeline Foods intended to invest US$300M to US$500M in the sector over the next three to five years.

Jackson added that company aimed to “put more profits back into the hands of the farmers” by increasing dependability and transparency in the supply chains and provide investment opportunities for financial partners.

The company had established regional headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it had operations in more than 50 countries.