Cargill is launching a new alternative to fish oil-based aquafeed to relieve pressure on wild caught fish.

The product has been named Latitude and uses canola-based omega 3 fatty acids that farmed fish require.

“The growth of aquaculture production brings an increase in demand for omega 3s,” Willie Loh, vice president of market development of Cargill’s global edible oils business in North America, said in a press release on 16 October.

“With Latitude, Cargill is combining our aquaculture expertise and canola innovation capabilities to help meet that demand. Latitude will help relieve some of the pressure on wild caught fish, while delivering a reliable omega 3 product to aquafeed manufacturers.”

Cargill said fresh and saltwater feed trials had shown that 100% of fish oil could be replaced with Latitude in commercial salmon feed with no effect on fish growth rates, fish health or fillet Omega-3 content.

The supply chain had also been managed so that the product was 100% traceable due to Cargill controlling the production process from canola seed to crop cultivation and oil production.

Chilean and Canadian salmon feed manufacturers will be able to purchase Latitude commercially in 2020.