Global agri service provider and trader Cargill launched a new high-oleic canola oil on 19 December which it said had the lowest commercially available saturated fat content.

The oil, marketed under the Clear Valley brand, was made from a hybrid canola that contained 4.5% or less of saturated fat, marking a reduction of 35% from previous canola generations, Cargill said.

“Oil is a basic cooking staple, used in everything from crackers, croutons and fried foods to dairy creamers and spreads,” said Willie Loh, vice president, Cargill market development.

“Our new canola oil simply gives consumers a healthier option for many of their favourite foods.”

The canola hybrid, sold separately under Cargill’s Victory product line, has been developed through traditional breeding methods with a focus on club root and black leg disease resistance and high yield performance.

Farmers could also choose herbicide tolerance as an optional genetic modification depending on their intended market and personal preference, Cargill said.

“We dedicated 10 years to finding a canola hybrid that could improve the nutrition profile of our oil. At the same time, the canola was bred to meet customer demands, providing high yield and disease resistance for growers and taste, shelf life and fry life qualities for our food manufacturers and restaurant customers,” said Lorin Debonte, assistant vice president, Cargill R&D.