Cargill has launched the Lyveum brand of vegetable oil developed in Brazil by Cargill Industrial Specialities targeting the cosmetics market.

It is part of Cargill’s new ingredient category called Ultra Oils, which combined the natural properties of vegetable oils with Cargill’s exclusive technology and knowledge in lipids, the company said on 5 October.

“Lyveum offers an alternative to the use of mineral, synthetic and animal products in cosmetic formulations, such as sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing creams, ointments, makeup products, and lipsticks,” Cargill said. This ensures performance, oxidative stability, and a longer shelf life – Lyveum increases product stability from six months to up to three years, without using metals or antioxidants.”

Cargill said it had invested US$300,000 in product development, testing, initial production, and minor changes to existing plant equipment in Mairinque, São Paulo.

Production of Lyveum would start this month and the initial output would be 150 tonnes/ month.

“Cargill’s goal is to produce 1,000 tonnes/month at its peak and earn US$18M in revenues per year.”

Paulo Hoffmann, general manager of Cargill Industrial Specialties in Brazil, said the company was moving globally into the personal care segment. “The new technology makes Cargill a player in this segment.”

Cintia Baradel, Cargill account manager and cosmetics specialist, said: “The personal care market is increasingly driven by consumers who have a growing interest in the origin of the ingredients used in the final products.

“Cargill’s broad portfolio of vegetable-based ingredients is the perfect response to meet the need for more natural and sustainable ingredients that do not jeopardise product performance.”