US vegetable oil producer Catania Oils has introduced a new bag-in-box packaging for edible oils, with goals to prolong shelf life and provide easier storage and serving for food catering.

The bag-in-box packaging – similar in concept to popular boxed wines – was available for Catania’s non-GMO Marconi brand extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and Marconi 50/50 brand blend of canola oil and EVOO, the firm said in a 9 May statement.

“Bag-In-Box has been a concept we’ve been exploring for a while and we’re excited to launch this item to create more value for all our customers and prospective customers,” said Joseph Basile, president at Catania Oils.

The new packaging method offered several advantages over the traditional oil bottles, with the box package and spout dispensing making it more convenient for food service kitchens to store and pour oil, according to Catania.

In addition, the cardboard box blocked sunlight from affecting the oil, thus preserving its flavour and integrity, while the sealed bag prevented oxidation by keeping the oil from coming into contact with air.

Both the box and the bag were fully recyclable in order to cut back on environmental waste.

The boxes were initially available in 10 and 20 litre sizes, but Catania said it had plans in the near future to expand available sizes and the variety of oils offered.

The bag-in-box packaging method was commonly used in the alcohol and spirits industry, but it had begun to make headways into the food industry as well due to its benefits.

Catania Oils, headquartered in Ayer, Massachusetts, produces olive and vegetable oils, including canola, sunflower and various blended oils.