New Orleans-headquartered grains and oil crops trader Consolidated Grain & Barge Co (CGB) has completed a US$32M expansion of its soyabean processing facility the Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon.

CGB president and CEO Kevin Adams said the expansion, begun in autumn 2016, would increase servicing opportunities for Indiana’s soyabean farmers and increase product supply for agribusiness customers, reported Building Indiana on 13 August.

“This investment means we will remain competitive in this global economy and it underscores our commitment to remain an essential partner in the Indiana agricultural community,” said Adams.

The Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon – situated in the third largest soyabean producing state in the USA – moves various commodities including soyabean meal and oil, ethanol, dried distillers grain, corn, wheat, fertilisers and coal.

CGB originates and markets grains and oilseeds for both the domestic US and international markets.