China Communications Construction Co Ltd (CCCC) – China’s largest port construction and dredging company – is expected to sign a deal on 31 December to build a grain handling terminal in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, the China Daily reported on 5 September.

The Terminal Graneleiro da Babitonga is located at São Francisco do Sul port, at the entrance to Babitonga Bay.
The project was developed by CCCC's unit in South America and Brazil's Anessa fund, the port's current controlling shareholder, the China Daily said. CCCC would take charge of the port's operations.
Located in the populous southeastern area of Brazil, the Saint Catarina coast serves the major soya production states of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.
According to a state website, there are three maritime ports along the Santa Catarina coast: Itajaí, São Francisco do Sul and Imbituba. Combined, the ports handle some 14M tonnes/year of cargo and there are regular shipping lines between Santa Catarina and major world ports.
The port of São Francisco do Sul is Santa Catarina’s main grain handling port and mostly handles exports, including soyabeans, soya meal, grains, furniture, motor compressors and electric motors.
It is located on the northern tip of Santa Catarina state, near the border with the Paraná state, 215km north of the Santa Catarina capital of Florianópolis and 580km south of São Paulo.
São Francisco do Sul handles approximately 8M tonnes/year of cargo and the port can receive vessels of up to 12m draft.