Speciality chemicals producer Clariant has introduced a new renewable surfactant for hand dishwashing liquid (HDWL) detergents sourced from European sunflower oil and glucose.

The GlucoPure Sense-branded surfactant did not carry any irritant labels, was free of ingredients sourced from the tropics and achieved comparable performance to traditional surfactants, Clariant said in a statement on 12 October.

The product consisted of 100% renewable sunflower oil and glucose, both sourced from European producers, and had a Renewable Carbon Index score of more than 96% and active matter of between 50-55% oleyl glucamide.

“GlucoPure Sense gives the segment an effective alternative to green raw materials derived from tropical sources,” said Clariant head of marketing for industrial and consumer specialities Ralf Zerrer.

According to Clariant, the new surfactant was the first to carry neither the H318 nor the H319 irritant labels under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and formulations produced using the ingredient could be sold under EU regulations with no irritant or corrosive labels.

The GlucoPure Sense delivered high foam mileage in both hard and soft water and in Clariant plate tests it matched the performance standards of regular surfactants, such as betaines.

It also produced a soft and moisturised skin feel during use, according to Clariant, and in blind tests a sensory panel reported an improved after-feel compared to an existing product.

“Thank to its excellent ecotox profile and cleaning power, the surfactant is a viable option for manufacturers looking for a lighter label or to go completely label-free with their formulations. It gives HDWLs the performance consumers demand,” Zerrer said.