European agricultural products trade association COCERAL has cut its forecast for the 2018 EU oilseeds and grain crop due to the abnormally hot and dry weather experienced in the bloc this summer.

COCERAL revised its forecast down from the 299.1M tonnes in July to only 283.5M tonnes, significantly below the 300.2M tonne crop harvested in 2017, wrote World Grain on 19 September.

The projection for rapeseed production was revised down from 21.1M tonnes to 19.4M tonnes, while in 2017, production was 21.9M tonnes.

Corn output was cut from 60.3M tonnes in June to 58.9M tonnes, with larger losses from France and Germany offset by better production in the Balkan region. In 2017, corn production was at 60.7M tonnes.

Barley production was revised from 60.8M tonnes to 57.4M tonnes, while wheat output was forecast down from 138.8M tonnes to 129.9M tonnes.