Process engineering company Desmet Ballestra Group has reached an agreement with Italian financial company Sagittario SpA to acquire Mazzoni LB spa soap and detergent operations.

In a statement, Desmet said the closing of the deal took place on 15 March 2017 and also included the detergent industry machinery and plant manufacturer IIT.

Mazzoni is a designer and supplier of soap production plants and equipment, developing and providing specialised solutions for the soap industry, as well as oleochemical solutions.

IIT, founded in 1976, was recently acquired by Mazzoni, and has know-how in sulphonation plants and relevant critical equipment, which extend the solution range currently offered by Desmet Ballestra.

Mazzoni and IIT would benefit from the strong commercial and marketing resources of the worldwide sales and technical support network of Desmet Ballestra, the company said.

The present Mazzoni management remains unchanged to facilitate the integration of the two companies’ operations.

With the acquisition, Desmet Ballestra said it would strengthen its position in developing, engineering and supplying processing plants and proprietary equipment for the oilseed, oils and fats and animal feed industries, as well as the oleochemical and biodiesel industries, detergents, surfactants and soaps.

Additionally, over the last 15 years, through leverage on its process technology know-how technology licensing, the company has also entered the inorganic chemicals and fertilisers industry.