DuPont and Japanese chemical firm Sumitomo Chemical Co have entered into a global agreement for the development, registration and commercialisation of seed-applied technologies for key agricultural crops.

The aim of the collaboration deal was to explore and bring to the marketplace novel technologies to improve early plant growth and yields, the two companies said on 4 December.

The agreement would combine Sumitomo’s conventional chemical and biological pipeline with the advanced seed technology and development capability of DuPont Crop Protection, a unit of DowDuPont Agriculture Division.

The companies said working together would provide them with an opportunity to evaluate seed technologies at much earlier stages to understand the complementary characters of the firms’ various product combinations.

The collaboration would be carried out between DuPont and Sumitomo’s regional affiliate Valent USA and focus on the North American region with potential expansion for multiple crops globally, DuPont said.

Kimitoshi Umeda, associate officer and general manager at Sumitomo’s AgroSolutions Division-International, said the agreement exemplified the power of collaboration by companies in the agricultural industry to bring growers technologies to improve productivity.

“Sumitomo has made significant investments in rhizosphere technology research to enhance seed protection and maximise early plant development through chemical and biological agrosolutions,” Umeda said.