“Unfair” Polish biodiesel exports are seriously damaging the EU internal renewable fuels markets and no action has been taken to correct the situation, the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) claims.

In a 6 July statement, the European biodiesel industry representative said that biodiesel operators had alerted both national and EU authorities, but the export trend had not been stopped and was in fact increasing.

Polish fuel market players were exploiting a loophole in the country’s biofuels legislation, the EBB alleged.

“In Poland, the accounting of a given biodiesel volume towards the national blending mandate is based on a simple invoice of purchase by the fuel distributor,” the association said.

“As Polish law does not explicitly require the biodiesel accounted towards the blending mandate to be consumed within its boundaries, some Polish operators have been capitalising on the export of underpriced biodiesel that has already been declared as blended.”

This had led to a large part of Polish biodiesel volumes to be counted twice towards its national EU blending mandates, first falsely in Poland and a second time “at an unfair dumped price” in another EU country, EBB claimed.

As a result, a growing number of EU stakeholders along the biodiesel value chain were experiencing financial loss, loss of profitability and jobs and several EU countries’ local energy and protein independence were also being distorted.

The affected countries included Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania, among others.

The EBB expressed its “strong concern” about the situation and urged Polish authorities to tackle the issue as it was in violation of EU renewable fuel legislation.