The European Commission (EC) has approved global agribusiness firm Bunge’s acquisition of two Cargill oilseed processing facilities, in a deal first announced on 5 August last year (see News, OFI September/October 2016).

The EC concluded that the acquisition would raise no competition concerns because of the presence of several alternative competitors in the soyabean meal and oil markets, including importers, food.navigator reported on 7 February.

In the Netherlands, the acquisition includes Cargill’s soyabean and rapeseed crush and soyabean oil refining facility in the Port of Amsterdam, as well as part of its bulk port terminal assets dedicated to supporting discharge and storage of raw materials for the crush plant.

In France, it includes the soyabean and rapeseed crush facility located in the Port of Brest.

The total processing capacity at the two sites is some 2M tonnes/year.

Cargill is retaining its two other soyabean processing facilities in western Europe, in the ports of Barcelona, Spain and Liverpool in the UK.

Bunge said the assets it was acquiring were highly complementary to its existing soya processing operations in Europe, and would allow it to further expand into key northern European destinations, grow its presence in Europe’s protein market, and further optimise global flows and logistics.