Current laws in the EU, which require member states to use at least 10% of renewable energy in the transport sector, are to be scrapped after 2020, EurActiv reported on 4 May.

A revision of the current Renewable Energy Directive (RED) will be tabled by the European Commission (EC) at the end of the year, with the aim being to push wind and solar energy.

Marie Donnelly, director for renewables at the EC commented, “we will look specifically at the challenges and opportunities of renewable fuels including biofuels”.

The 10% renewable fuel target for the transport sector would be dropped in a new post-2020 directive, Donnelly said.

First generation biofuels have been under increased scrutiny, as scientists try to resolve what effects they have on the environment and if they contribute to deforestation and food scarcity.

With the aim of ending controversy around the use of first generation biofuels, legislation was passed in the EU last year, which limited food-based biofuel use to 7%.

If the 10% target is scrapped after 2020, EurActiv said biofuel producers would be hoping that a mandatory blending standard would be introduced instead.