EU countries continue to actively increase their import volumes of sunflower oil from Ukraine in the current season, APK-Inform analysts said at the end of February.

In January, 134,630 tonnes of sunflower oil was shipping from Ukraine to the EU, almost four times more than was shipped in the same month the previous year – 37,740 tonnes.

Spain was the largest EU importer, buying 49,620 tonnes of the commodity in January, up from 43,800 tonnes in December.

The Netherlands was the second largest EU importer, buying 37,050 tonnes in January.

Following these two were Italy (24,850 tonnes) and France (11,560 tonnes).

In the first five months of the current season (2015/16) Ukraine exported 476,690 tonnes of sunflower oil to the EU, double the amount exported in the same period the previous year (233,240 tonnes).