In the latest turn in the ongoing biodiesel imports row between the European Union and Argentina, EU has postponed its vote on how it will respond to the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in favour of the South American producer.

According to sources close to the vote, the European Commission had proposed lowering the biodiesel anti-dumping duties imposed on Argentina and Indonesia, but EU member countries decided to postpone the vote, Reuters reported on 27 July.

The WTO upheld in October 2016 Argentina’s complaint against the EU’s biodiesel anti-dumping duties of 20.5% against Indonesia and 22-25.7% against Argentina, established in November 2013.

In the complaint, Argentina called the measures protectionist and claimed they had cost it nearly US$1.6bn in lost sales annually.

The EU backed its decision by arguing that Argentina’s export duty on the biodiesel’s raw material – soyabeans – allowed Argentinian producers to dump biodiesel in Europe at unfairly low prices.

An EU court annulled the anti-dumping duties earlier this year, but the bloc has appealed the WTO ruling.

According to Reuters, the WTO ruling could determine EU’s future trade relations with China as the EU had said it could use international benchmark prices to assess whether Chinese producers were dumping products in Europe.