The European Union withdrew the appeals it had made to the European Court of Justice on 18 January, signalling that the EU accepted the court ruling annulling its anti-dumping duties on Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel.

Based on the rulings by the General Court of the EU in September 2016 that abolished the bloc’s anti-dumping duties, the EU had submitted four appeals related to Indonesian and two to Argentine biodiesel imports, Reuters reported on 18 January.

Both of the major biodiesel producers imposed an export duty on the fuel’s raw material – soyabeans in the case of Argentina and palm oil for Indonesia – which, according to the EU, gave an unfair price advantage to biodiesel produced in the countries.

Argentina and Indonesia had called the EU duties protectionist and challenged them at the World Trade Organization, which in March 2016 ruled broadly in favour of Argentina while the Indonesian case was still pending.

The EU originally set an anti-dumping duty rate of 22-25.7% on Argentine biodiesel in 2013, but these rates were cut to 4.5-8.1% after the WTO ruling.

For Indonesia, the rates of 8.8-20.5% enacted in 2013 remained in effect for the time being.