Speciality chemicals company FMC and US chemicals firm DuPont closed their mutual divestment agreements on 1 November, designed to secure DuPont’s US$130bn with Dow Chemical Company.

FMC has acquired part of DuPont’s Crop Protection business, including its cereal broadleaf herbicide and chewing pest insecticide portfolios, its crop protection R&D pipeline and organisation, excluding seed treatment, nematicides and late-stage R&D programmes.

DuPont has purchased FMC’s Health and Nutrition business for US$1.2bn.

The companies signed a definitive agreement on the mutual divestments on 31 March 2017.

The European Commission had ruled that DuPont must divest a portion of its crop protection business in order for its merger with Dow to go ahead. The merger was completed on 1 September.