The EU’s largest biodiesel producer and French oilseed processor Avril launched France’s first biodiesel-only fuel on 8 November, Reuters reports.

Avril said the pure product was less polluting than conventional diesel and was made only from French rapeseed. The Oleo 100 fuel would be produced at the group’s existing plants.

Avril chief executive Jean-Phillippe Puig said the company aimed to produce “several hundred thousand tonnes” of Oleo 100 annually. Avril’s annual biodiesel output in France was 1.5-1.6M tonnes.

Oleo 100 has been registered to be used in fleet vehicles such as trucks and buses, but not passenger cars, according to Reuters.

Puig also said that current diesel engines would need slight tweaks before being able to run on Oleo 100, which would allow them to run for the same distance as standard diesel.

The product would help Avril drive sale growth at a time where it faced competition in the market from massive imports, Reuters said. European biodiesel producers had been struggling to compete since the EU scrapped duties on Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel last year in response to a ruling by the World Trade Organisation.