French green technology company Global Bioenergies announced on 4 May that it has launched a range of long-lasting cosmetics based on renewable isododecane.

The company said it had developed a process to convert a wide range of plant-based feedstocks – including cane or beet sugar, starch or second generation farming and forestry waste – into isobutene. Isobutene was then converted into isododecane in several stages.

It was now working on five collaborative projects, co-funded by the EU, to produce renewable isobutene, mainly from wheat straw, wood residue and industrial waste.

Isododecane is the main ingredient, comprising 25-50% of formulations, according to the company.

“In make-up, isododecane is essential to give the product the properties required for long wear,” Global Bioenergies CEO Marc Delcourt said.

The 18 products in the LAST range of cosmetics, which includes mascaras, eyebrow mascaras and eye shadows, was set to be launched in June, the company said, with expansion plans to include long-lasting lipstick later in the year.