UK biodiesel firm Greenergy is purchasing its third biodiesel plant through an agreement reached with tank terminal operator Oiltanking on the latter’s idle manufacturing facility in Amsterdam.

Greenergy planned to convert the Amsterdam plant – built in 2010 to convert vegetable oils into biodiesel but never commissioned – to process waste oils, alongside increasing its production capacity, the firm said on 19 July.

Greenergy CEO Andrew Owens said demand for waste-based biodiesel was soaring across the EU due to higher biodiesel mandates.

“Over the last few years, we’ve scaled up our raw material supply chains and invested in our UK manufacturing facilities, increasing output through a variety of incremental investments. We’re now leveraging these skills and capabilities to develop a third plant,” he said.

The location in Amsterdam benefitted from deep-water access, allowing for break bulk on long-haul shipments of waste oils, according to Greenergy.

Under the agreement, Oiltanking would provide Greenergy with storage facilities for feedstock materials and produce biodiesel, in addition to a range of support services.

Greenergy already owns two waste-to-biodiesel facilities in eastern England at Immingham and Teesside.

Like the Amsterdam facility, the company’s two existing plants were originally designed to process vegetable oils.