Biofuel throughput at the Port of Rotterdam grew more than 6% in 2016, with the total volume increasing from 4.5M tonnes in 2015 to nearly 4.8M tonnes.

The growth was brought on by the biodiesel segment, which increased 23% from a total of 2.8M tonnes in 2015 to 3.45M tonnes in 2016, the port reported on 2 May.

Half of the biodiesel supply entering the Port of Rotterdam came from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with another major region of origin being Spain, which accounted for close to 25% of the throughput.

The primary EU destination for biodiesel was Sweden, which took in nearly 19% of outbound shipments, the port said.

In contrast, ethanol and ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE) volumes fell by 12% and 44% respectively, ethanol from 1.21M tonnes to 1.06M tonnes and ETBE from 500,000 tonnes to 280,000 tonnes.

The port said the “modest decrease” in ethanol throughput may have been a consequence of the continuing development of the intra-European ethanol market, which had led to a reduced demand for ethanol from outside suppliers.

Ethanol arriving at the Port of Rotterdam from overseas came from the UK (13%), Peru and the USA (12% each), Venezuela (11%) and Sweden and Guatemala (10% each), with the main export destinations being the UK, which took in 55% of output, and Sweden at 18%.