Indonesia announced on 2 February its plan to file a case with the US Court of International Trade (CoIT) against the anti-subsidy duties slapped on Indonesian biodiesel by the US Department of Commerce (USDC).

The countervailing duties over alleged government subsidies of Indonesian biodiesel exports, imposed in November 2017, ranged from 34.45% to 64.73%, reported Reuters on 2 February.

“The government of Indonesia is even ready to defend the interest of Indonesian industry at the World Trade Organization (WTO), just as the government has done against the EU and won,” said Pradnyawati Pambagyo, director of trade defence at the Indonesia Ministry of Trade.

In January, the WTO ruled that the EU’s anti-dumping duties on Indonesian biodiesel were based on incorrect calculations and ordered them to be brought to line with WTO regulations.

Argentina, against whom the USA had also enacted anti-dumping measures, was expected to file a case against the USDC duties at the CoIT, wrote Reuters.

“The export companies that are being investigated [by the USA] and the Foreign Ministry of Argentina will make a presentation to the court on Monday 5 February, like Indonesia,” an anonymous source told the news agency.

The USDC was expected to soon set the final duty following its anti-dumping investigation against Argentina and Indonesia, launched in April 2017.