Dutch agritrader Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has opened a new oilseeds processing plant in Tianjin, China, with an aim to increase its production capacity and move down the edible oil supply stream in the country.

The plant – LDC (Tianjin) Food Technology Company Limited – located in the Binhai New Area District in the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, had a soyabean crush capacity of 3,600 tonnes/day and an oil refining capacity of 1,100 tonnes/day, reported World Grain on 6 September.

LDC said the plant would strengthen its capability to supply soyabean meal, crude soyabean oil and refined edible vegetable oil to customers within China, while its bottling, filling, packaging and storage facilities would allow the firm to move downstream in the supply chain by introducing packaged oils.

The facility’s refined oil production line became operational in June, while small-packaged edible oil production was projected to begin by the end of the year.

LDC said it planned to continue looking for investment and collaboration opportunities in Tianjin and other Chinese cities as part of its long-term growth plan for China.

“We hope to develop closer ties with local peers through partnerships and domestic investments that create or leverage growth opportunities in the market, and to work together to promote productivity and innovation in China’s agricultural sector,” said James Zhou, LDC head of the North Asia Region.