Global agrimerchant Louis Dreyfus Co (LDC) joined the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) on 18 December.

The SSI is a coalition of companies aiming to develop more sustainable global shipping by 2040. It is an independent charity, comprised of firms spanning the entire shipping value chain from charterers and ship owners to shipyards and technology companies, with the common objective to make sustainability mainstream in global shipping, the SSI website described.

The initiative has a six-step roadmap, including improving transparency and accountability in the shipping industry and developing financial solutions that reward sustainable performance.

“The sharing of ideas and best practice across different organisations is a critical part of our journey towards reducing greenhouse gases, developing new technology and becoming more transparent and accountable,” said SSI general manager Tom Holmer.

Sebastien Landerretche, head of freight at LDC, said the company recognised that the SSI could help it address the challenges it faced with its 81M tonnes of agricultural goods shipped annually.

LDC joined 13 other companies already engaged with the SSI, including agri traders Bunge and Cargill.

LDC originates, processes, transports and merchandises a diversified product range around the world including oilseeds, grains, rice, coffee, cotton, sugar, fertilisers and metals.