BASF’s Crop Protection division announced it has put into operation a new R&D centre at its headquarters in Limburgerhof, Germany, on 21 April.

The centre will house two research areas – biological crop protection and seed solutions – which BASF said would make it a hub of expertise for solutions in chemistry and biology to farmers worldwide.

Vice president R&D functional crop care for BASF’s Crop Protection division, Philipp Rosendorfer said, “Our investment in this expanded capacity is a step forward to unlocking the agricultural potential in seeds and crops in different and untapped ways”.

Biological solutions research, which consists of naturally occurring organisms or extracts, was an opportunity to complement the company’s chemical crop protection.

In addition, by combining chemistry and biology, a new range of solutions for seed treatments would be created, the company said, “This means farmers can have a well-protected and strengthened crop right from the beginning of its life,” Rosendorfer added.