Ukrainian agri product transporter Nibulon is looking to start building its own cargo sea vessels later this year in a bid to expand its transport chain.

Olekskiy Vadatursky, director general of Nibulon, said the company had in March started building its first dry cargo ship at its shipyard, with a length of 100m, reported Interfax-Ukraine on 18 April.

The firm also planned to reconstruct the shipyard in order to be able to build vessels up to 140m in length by this summer.

“We plan to build a specialised marine vessel with a deadweight of 10,000 tonnes as a transshipment station,” said Vadatursky.

The vessel would be equipped with two cranes capable of handling up 20,000 tonnes/day of grain, with a delivery date of 1 July 2019.

“As we build our own marine fleet, we will extend the transport chain from the agricultural producer to the final consumer on the Nile,” Vadatursky added.

In the last 12 years, Nibulon had invested US$1.76bn in infrastructure projects, with US$100M invested in the past year, Interfax said.

Nibulon is one of the largest operators in the Ukrainian grain market, transporting sunflower seeds and other agricultural products.