Nottingham, UK-based plant culturing and research company Olixol has launched a “pioneering” technology to enable scalable production of pure, natural oils from plant cells, according to CosmeticsDesign on 18 April.

Olixol’s production method involved identifying oil-producing cells in non-GMO oil plant seeds and cultivating the cells to create oil on a mass scale.

According to the company website, the method is a more sustainable alternative to traditional agri-cropping methods, as it had lower land use, used less water and was unaffected by weather conditions.

“Traditional extraction can sometimes change the properties of the oil and adversely affect the precious bio-actives it contains,” the company said.

“Our patented process is gentle, natural, occurring at temperatures of less than 30˚C and no solvents or harmful chemicals are used.”

The cultivated cells are fed sugars, light and air before the oil is separated naturally from the cells in a continuous process without the use of high temperatures, solvents, or “other harmful chemicals”, Olixol described.

The oil is then cold-filtered using a food-grade membrane, bottled and nitrogen blanketed within hours of being produced.

Olixol has already entered the market with jojoba oil and borage oil, which were marketed for use in the cosmetics industry.