Canadian agrifood company Paterson Grain has reopened its Alliance Grain Terminal (AGT) in Vancouver, Canada, after completing a large-scale ship loader and dock conveyor upgrade.

The upgrade, which began in 2017 and completed in August, would facilitate quicker ship loading, increased capacity, a higher degree of dust control and better overall functionality at AGT, wrote World Grain on 6 September.

According to Paterson, the facility could now load up to 2,000 tonnes/day of grains even during challenging weather conditions and was able to load on two berths.

Additionally, AGT now had an integrated dust suppression system, which would ensure clean operation from receiving to shipping.

The terminal also now had the ability to load Panamax size vessels without the need to spin the ship to complete loading.

The AGT reopening was the most recent for Paterson, which also opened a new CAN$25M (US$19.4M) terminal in Bowden, Alberta, on 29 August, the firm’s fourth terminal in the province.

NM Paterson & Co Ltd, Paterson GlobalFoods is a private agribusiness active in Canada, operating 36 terminals, elevators and agri centres in the country.

It handles and markets grains and oilseeds including wheat, rye, canola, soyabeans, corn and flaxseed.