Canadian grain company Parrish and Heimbecker (P&H) announced on 23 November that it would be building and operating the new Fraser Grain Terminal (FGT) in Surrey, British Columbia, World Grain reports.

P&H has said the new terminal would address limited western Canada rail capacity and a shortage of port industrial land for grain handling as exports to China and South East Asia were set to grow.

The company had secured a long-term lease from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for the facility, which would provide 4M tonnes/year of terminal capacity.

“This project will bring economic gains for farmers in Manitoba,” said Minister of
Agriculture Ralph Eichler. “With so much of our grain exports going to Asia, anything that improves the speed of delivery is good for all Canadians.”

The project is expected to extend existing rail loading areas and enable high-speed rail car unloading, reducing rail shunting and improving rail car cycle times between the Prairies and metropolitan Vancouver.

The new terminal will be equipped with modern storage facilities, three ship loaders and a fully enclosed, above ground conveying system with built-in dust suppression.

Construction was due to start in late 2018 and take about two years to complete.

GrainsConnect Canada, GrainCorp’s joint venture with Zen-Noh Grain Corp, will be a 50-50 partner with P&H at the Fraser germinal, investing CAN$35M over the next two years to support construction of the terminal.