Soya was the most important product shipped from Brazil’s port of Paranaguá in 2015, with 8.5M tonnes exported last year, reports World Grain.

The port reported on 20 January that it had shipped 30.3M tonnes of products in 2015, an increase of 8.8% compared to 2014.

Soyabeans made up 8.5M tonnes of the total, a record figure surpassing the previous high of 7.7M tonnes in 2013. The port also exported 4.12M tonnes of corn.

"The country faces a complicated moment, but agribusiness in Paraná continues doing its role,” said José Richa Son, secretary of infrastructure and logistics at the port. “With the various investments made at the port, we can meet the needs of the producer."

He said the port was able to continue shipping last year despite a 44% increase in rain due to the construction of berths and installation of four new grain loaders.

Between March and December last year, US$14.71M was invested to install four new shiploaders, which increased loading capacity by 33%, and increased the speed of loading from 1,500 tonnes/hour to 2,000 tonnes/hour, World Grain said.