The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has reinstated consumer goods giant Nestlé’s membership after the firm submitted a time-bound plan to achieve 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil supply chain by 2023.

Effective 16 July, RSPO rescinded its 27 June dismissal of Nestlé from the RSPO organization and the revoking of its RSPO certificates, the roundtable said in a statement.

In its reasoning for the earlier suspension, RSPO cited Nestlé’s refusal to submit a written long-term plan to the organisation as necessitated by their rules, in addition to an overdue €2,000 (US$2,308) membership fee.

Welcoming Nestlé back to the Roundtable, RSPO CEO Darrel Webber said: “We’re confident Nestlé will live up to our membership obligations and succeed in delivering on their time-bound plan. We trust that by working collective we are able to realise a sustainable, respectful and responsible palm oil industry.”

Benjamin Ware, Nestlé’s global head of responsible sourcing, said the company supported RSPO’s role in driving “industry-wide change”.

“We appreciate RSPO’s decision following the submission of our action plan, which focuses on increasing traceability primarily through segregated RSPO palm oil. This builds on Nestlé’s ongoing activities to achieve a traceable and responsibly sourced palm oil supply chain,” Ware said.

Nestlé would play a leading role within the RSPO by participating in working groups and sharing its experiences in addressing some of the critical environmental and socio-economic challenges affecting the sector, the firm added.