USDA forecasts predict that Russia will become the largest consumer of oilseed meals among all countries in the Caspian-Black Sea region in 2015/16, APK Inform reports on 1 April.

The estimated domestic consumption is 5.7M tonnes in Russia, followed by 3.4M tonnes in Iran and 3.2M tonnes in Turkey.

The Russian oilseed meal market comes from the domestic processing of oilseeds, whereas Iran and Turkey import these commodities.

USDA experts said in the 2015/16 season Iran is set to purchase 2.1M tonnes of soyabean meal and 15,000 tonnes of sunflowerseed meal.

Turkey will import 600,000 tonnes of soyabean meal and 850,000 tonnes of sunflowerseed meal.

Ukraine is one of the key global exprorters of olseed meal, APK Inform said.

USDA estimations said the country will export 4.1M tonnes of sunflowerseed meal. Canada will export 4.1M tonnes of rapeseed meal and Argentina 32.8M tonnes of soyabean meal.