Anglo-Dutch oil and gas firm Royal Dutch Shell’s subsidiary Shell International Exploration and Production has been granted exclusive development and licensing rights to SBI BIoEnergy’s biofuel technology.

Using a wide range of waste oils, greases and vegetable oils, SBI’s patented process was capable of producing drop-in replacements for diesel, jet fuel and petrol, Shell said in a 27 June statement.

Shell and SBI said they would work together to prove the technology’s potential and, upon success, scale it up for commercial applications.

The process used a continuous catalytic process to convert fat, oil or grease into renewable fuels that require no blinding or engine modifications, according to Shell.

SBI founding president and CEO Inder Singh said he was “confident” Shell was the right partner for his company to commercialise the biofuel technology.

Shell is already active in the biofuels sector through Raizen, its joint venture with Brazilian bioethanol firm Cosan, and it was also developing advanced biofuels from inedible plants and crop waste.