Food technology start-up SinFooTech is producing wine from tofu wastewater using its patent-pending fermentation technology.

The Singapore-based company said its Sachi drink was produced from a by-product generated from the manufacture of tofu that currently had little value.

With an alcohol content of 5.8%, Sachi is gluten-free, low in calories, rich in antioxidants (isoflavones) and vegan-friendly, according to the company website.

“By using a novel base ingredient such as soya whey, we have succeeded in creating a series of… alcoholic beverages, and we will continue to challenge the assumption that alcoholic beverages must be made from different raw materials, with our future products which are currently under development,” SinFooTech CEO Jonathan Ng said in a statement on the company’s website on 10 April.

The wine is available in four flavours: original; lychee & rose; peach & oolong and yuzu & bergamot.