TerraVia (formerly Solazyme) and Bunge Ltd announced on 4 May that they are launching a sustainable DHA speciality feed ingredient based on algae targeting the aquaculture market, which currently spends around US$3bn in omega 3 ingredients.

Long chain omega 3s such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is sourced from finite fish oil and meal and is a critical element for humans and animals, including fish, for healthy growth and development.

AlgaPrime DHA will be produced at the companies’ joint venture facility in Brazil, where full product scale-up was reached in late 2015.

TerraVia and Bunge also announced that they had reached a definitive commercial supply agreement with one of the world’s largest aquaculture feed suppliers in which AlgaPrime DHA would begin to be incorporated into fish feed for salmonids around July-August this year.

“Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production systems in the world, a market that is estimated to reach US$200 billion annually by 2020,” the companies said.

“About one million tonnes of omega-3 rich fish oil is produced annually for aquaculture, animal feed and human nutrition. To meet this need, today large quantities of wild fish are caught and processed to extract the fish oil but the availability of omega-3s from wild-caught ocean fish is limited in nature.”

AlgaPrime DHA was a non-marine based source of omega-3s and the first major new product from TerraVia’s expanded joint venture with Bunge announced in November 2015, the firms said.
Microalgae pioneer TerraVia announced earlier in March that it would focus exclusively on food, nutrition and speciality ingredients while spinning off its industrial arm (see News, OFI May 2016).