Zweifel Pomy-Chips, one of Switzerland’s largest snack food manufacturers, has replaced imported sunflower oil with a high oleic rapeseed oil in order to improve quality, traceability and sustainability.

Since November 2017, Zweifel had been using a High Oleic Low Linoleic (HOLL) rapeseed oil in its range of potato crisps, produced from domestic Swiss rapeseed, wrote Hospitality & Catering News on 21 May.

The change came ahead of an expected EU-wide 2% limit on partially hydrogenated oil (PHO) content in food products.

According to Zweifel, the HOLL oil had benefits for hearth health and cholesterol reduction and was also more stable at higher temperatures.

“We first heard about HOLL rapeseed oil some five or six years ago. Although we had never used PHOs in crisp production, we had already been using high oleic sunflower oil. We realised that HOLL could give us the chance to set up a 100% Swiss production chain,” said Pietro Realini, Zweifel production and logistics director.

Realini said HOLL had high stability with a lower free fatty acid content than the sunflower oil it was previously using, which was partially due to the oil’s inherent properties, but also due to the fact that a shorter domestic supply chain meant the oil spent less time in storage.

A two-year process of securing oil supply and industrial and consumer testing resulted in improvements in both traceability and oil quality, added Realini.

To date, Zweifel had started using the HOLL oil in more than 100 product lines, with only its organic line remaining non-HOLL, reported Hospitality & Catering News.

HOLL rapeseed oil was developed by Monsanto through conventional breeding methods to provide food processors, foodservice operators and consumers with a rapeseed oil with a specific fatty acid profile.